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I am a passionate, risk taking and straight forward Business and Life Coach. My real-life experiences, license to advise financially, entrepreneurial endeavors and my God given talent to help others, put me in a great position to share successes, challenges and failures with everyone who will listen while taking notes and exhibiting effort in doing better.

I am not perfect, and I feel that we all need to feel comfortable in sharing the imperfect side of us in hopes to help someone else. As a Financial Advisor, I share ways that you can secure your financial future in addition to leave an inheritance for your children and your children’s children. They say that money is not everything, but I believe it is right up there next to oxygen.

As a single mom, I share the true challenges of raising kids alone. Discussions of the sacrifices made, the areas of needed improvement or things I wish I could have done differently, the things I did well, and the challenges I had to overcome. As an entrepreneur I will walk you through steps to get your business from thought or paper, to reality. The biggest challenge is getting started, but it is not as hard as you think. Starting is nothing, staying the course is hard work but rewarding. I also share the steps necessary to grow as a professional should owning your own business is not something you desire.

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